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  • Air Block

    Modular and Programmable Flying Robot The structure based comprising one main module and six propeller modules with magnetic connectors makes it easy to transform in creative ways, and incredibly…

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  • Codey Rocky

    Codey Rocky
    Smart robot for beginner coding and AI learning

    10+ advanced electronic modules | Expressive LED display | Supports the new mBlock 5

    Switch to Python with one click | Get…

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  • Halocode Single board Kit

    What is Makeblock HaloCode?
    HaloCode is a wireless single board computer. With its built-in Wi-Fi support and microphone,the students can easily bring your board into the IoT projects and add…

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  • HaloCode standard kit

    • What is HaloCode standard kit?

    HaloCode is a wireless single…

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  • Initial Maker

    Description – What is mBot Initial Maker Kit? mBot Initial Maker is a limited edition ‘India’   specific SKU from Makeblock. It is an all-in-one solution to enjoy the hands-on…

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  • Laserbox Pro

    • What is Laserbox Pro?

    LaserBox is a smart desktop laser cutter that’s specially designed for education and creation purposes….

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  • Makeblock Neuron

    Makeblock Neuron
    Programmable electronic building block platform

    Building blocks are connected in a snap with magnetic Pogo Pins | 30+ electronic blocks for creating hundreds of inventions

    Learn flow-based programming | Supports…

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  • MakeX 2019 City Guardian Add-on Pack

    • What is MakeX 2019 City Guardian Add-on Pack? This add-on package provides contestants who have mBot with the necessary upgrade parts to complete the 2019 MakeX Starter City…

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